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Roof Replacement Anaheim, CA: the right time to change your roof

The need for a new roof is sometimes evident to the naked eye. Sometimes the problems are more challenging to identify, such as storm damage, which might take weeks or years to present themselves. And, in some instances, a new roof is required even though the damage is minor. Regardless of the reason, getting a new roof is always a huge decision. For homeowners, roof replacement or installation is a significant expense—the correct roofing influences the house's beauty, home value, and overall operation.

Does your home have a rental policy? Are you thinking about selling your home? Is your current roof at least twenty years old? Roof Replacement Anaheim recommends having your roof inspected to see any potential problems. This is the first stage in deciding whether you require a new roof or only repairs. These are the most common situations wherein you have to change your roof.

  • Deformation of your shingles

  • Droopy, sagging roof

  • Mold and algae start to appear

  • Leaking roof

Other reasons why should get a new roof

Extreme weather conditions

Roof damage from storms can take various forms. The shingling can be torn away by wind storms, exposing bare patches that must be re-roofed. Large debris, such as big branches or even full trees, can be tossed across roofs by high winds. Hail damage can appear as a few dimples in your shingling at times. According to the National Weather Service, hail damage can crack the underlying sheathing, poke holes in the shingles, shatter skylights, cause vent damage, and more. Storms can inflict significant damage to a roof's "bones," or core structure, which should not be disregarded. After a large storm, a professional roof inspection is the best method to determine exactly what your roof needs, allowing you to avoid far more costly repairs down the line.

Home improvement projects

Are you planning on remodeling your house anytime soon? Are you considering adding sloped roofs to improve the profile of your roof or skylights to lighten the interior? Changing the roofline and installing a new roof are part of significant remodeling. The old roof and the new roof, on the other hand, frequently do not look nice together. When this happens, the homeowner often chooses a complete roof replacement.

A short lifespan

An asphalt shingle roof that is properly maintained will last fifteen to twenty-five years. Storm damage, ice dams, molds, and moss expansion, on the other hand, can significantly reduce your roof's lifespan. The symptoms of these issues are similar to those that suggest your roof has outlived its purpose. It's a good idea that your roof should be assessed if any of these indications appear, regardless of age. If you don't, you risk more serious problems down the road, such as damaged roof structure or significant leaking, which might cause irreparable damage to your home and valuables.

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Get your roof inspected

Make sure to include roof inspection in your daily routine; this is to make sure that nothing is out of place. Don't wait for any signs that would endanger you and your family. When you need someone with your roof replacement, our experienced team at Roof Replacement Anaheim is more than happy to help. Call to get started.


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