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Roof Re-Roofing Anaheim CA

If you turn blind eye to your leaking roof because you don’t have the time and budget to get it fixed as of the moment, you are creating bigger problems and much more damage to your home and your bank account in the future. Roof problems are not something to take lightly and should be delayed.

Of all major home repairs, roof repair is the most important. You do agree that you somehow neglect the care of your roof since it doesn’t come cheap but also really stressful. We are going to tackle today the importance of getting your roof repaired if it is already in a bad shape. We would also give you a less expensive option from getting your whole roof re done to roof re-roofing. All that idea wonderful ideas came from Anaheim Roofers, your roof’s best friend.

Difference between Re-Roofing and Replacement

Replacement can be done anytime and whatever damage your roof has. While you can save money on re-roofing, you will spend big with replacement. Since it will address all issues your roof has externally and internally. But do not panic, replacement is an option for everyone but only if your roof problem is major already.

Re-Roofing is less expensive than replacement. But this is not an option for everyone, it depends on what material used in your roof and how bad the damage is already. Re-Roofing is basically the process of layering new shingles on top of your old ones. You can only do this if your roof has minor problems only. This option can only be done once and cannot be performed if your roof has major layerings already. You should also know that you cannot apply a double layer on parts with damage only. This requires layer your whole roof. Internal damages are not visible externally if it is detected by our team, we would also not recommend layering your roof.

Basic Roofing Materials

  • Asphalt Composition Shingles

    These are cheap and easy to obtain. But they are less attractive since they are only flat. This is the most popular type of material.

  • Composition Slate

    This tyle is made from 95% recycled materials like rubber. They look like a regular stale in appearance but much lighter and less susceptible to damage.

  • Clay or Ceramic Tyle

    This is the so-called predominant Spanish-style red tile roof. It is really common in southern California and also called half-barrel since it’s basically a cylinder cut in lengthwise.

  • Slate Roofing

    Highly attractive for high-end roofing options. But slate roofs are extremely heavy, slippery, and difficult to repair when damaged.

  • Metal Roofing

    This type of roofs are becoming popular in the past years. Since they are durable and fireproof.

  • Wood Shake or Shingles

    This is pricey but attractive shingles. They are durable but not recommended in areas with fire danger.

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