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Roof Coating Anaheim

Roof coating is basically applying a fluid roofing membrane on your existing roof substrate. It is coated evenly on your roof making it waterproof, durable, and seamless. These protect your home from water leakings, are energy efficient, extends the life of your roof, and reduce cooling cost. You can achieve this with the help of roof coating Anaheim near you!

The coating gives your roof extra protection from natural elements like UV rays and rain damage. It also lessens the possibility of roof decay and molding caused by leaves, twigs, debris, moss, algae, lichens, soot. What’s amazing about getting your roof coated regularly is it resists to fire, that means if your house caught fire, a well-coated roof could contain it.

What is Right for your Roof

  • Flat Roof- If you have a flat roof, we suggest using silicone such as Gaco S-2000. The main reason is that it resists standing water that tends to get stuck in flat roofs. Not like other acrylic based coating, silicone doesn’t absorb water because they are naturally resistant to water and dampness. Silicone also doesn’t shed and over time, this saves extra money on labor. A little goes a long way with silicone so we’ll only use a standard amount.

  • Concrete Green- For roofs that are made with concrete, the best option is using acrylic based coating or Urethna based Elastomeric Coating. This is a water-based solution that protects your roof from common problems like leaking and rusting. It also helps reduce the temperature inside the home.

What We Use

  • Elastomeric Coating- this contains elastic properties. It stretches the roof’s surface without damaging it.

  • Reflective Coating- from the words itself, this reflects the sun’s UV rays. This tends to be the color white or any reflective color.

  • Polymer-Modified Coating- this has bituminous that contains a polymer that improves the performance of the roof. This is flexible, longer-lasting, but a bit more pricey.

The coating that we use is just like paint but with a thicker consistency and tremendous elasticity due to high-quality resin content. This elasticity fills the gaps and cracks in your roof to prevent algae growth in that area. There are many benefits to getting your roof coated, it is less expensive and as effective as getting your roof repaired. A roof with a coat sustains the temperature that goes inside the home.

They also produce less strain on the HVAC system since the coating’s emissive and reflective benefits help reduce energy use. They also prevent damages like chemical and water damage. Getting your roof coated could expand the life span of your roof for several years. You must also know that you can get your roof re-coated if you want.

All the coatings are applicable to any type of roof, it’s just that this is better with this. The key is to call a local roofer like Anaheim Roofers to help and educate you on what’s right for your roof.

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